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Quiet Hours

From Autism to Dementia, this hour is for anyone who prefers a more quiet setting within Eldon Square.



In support of North East Autism Society, we host regular quiet hours on the first Tuesday of every month from 10am to 11am and the following Saturday 9am – 10am all year round. Our shops take simple steps where possible to create a more autism-friendly experience, such as turning down music and dimming bright lights.

From autism to dementia, this hour is for anyone who prefers a more quiet setting within Eldon Square. Where possible, we’ll turn down the music, dim the lights and our staff will be on hand with guides to the centre that may be of use.

Our Quiet Hours

Our quiet hours will run on the first Tuesday and following Saturday of every month.

Eldon Square Quiet Hours 2021

Tuesday 3 August 10am – 11am
Saturday 7 August 9am – 10am
Tuesday 7 September 10am – 11am
Saturday 11 September 9am – 10am
Tuesday 5 October 10am – 11am
Saturday 9 October 9am – 10am
Tuesday 2 November 10am – 11am
Saturday 6 November 9am – 10am
Tuesday 7 December 10am – 11am
Saturday 11 December 9am – 10am

Lifting of restrictions from 19 July

If you’re visiting us from 19 July, we’ll continue to have a number of safety measures in place to make the experience safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Visitors and staff can feel free to wear a face covering when visiting or working in the centre, marked routes will remain in place to allow for social distancing and hand sanitisation stations remain available throughout the centre.

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