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National Day of Reflection

National Day of Reflection

Tuesday 23rd March 2021 marks a year since the first day of the UK national lockdown and we will be joining Marie Curie in their Day of Reflection to think about the past year and reflect on those we have lost.

At 12 noon Marie Curie will be holding a minute’s silence which we will be observing in centre and asking anyone visiting the centre for essential services to do the same.

Get involved at home

Marie Curie have suggested a number of ways you can get involved at home including observing the minute’s silence yourself, shining a light at 8pm to light up the night and remember those who have sadly passed or share your own personal reflection on social media using #DayOfReflection. The day is also a reminder to check up on your loved ones and those who may be struggling during this time, whether that be a quick phone call, dropping off some essential supplies or just simply asking “are you ok?”.

Let’s all come together in solidarity remembering how far we have come and to support one another through the days ahead.

Visit the Marie Curie website to find out more about the day and how you can get involved.