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Getting Here

Eldon Square Welcomes Our Future Health

Our Future Health opens its doors in Eldon Square!

Our Future Health is an ambitious collaboration between the public, charity and private sectors to build the UK’s largest health research programme which is designed to help people live healthier, longer lives through the discovery and testing of more effective approaches to prevention, earlier detection and treatment of diseases.

The programme is inviting millions of people to take part, from all backgrounds across the UK. Volunteers provide information about their health and lifestyles so that Our Future Health can create an incredibly detailed picture that represents the whole of the UK and today, over 1.5 million people in England have already signed up to take part.

Our Future Health  in Eldon Square is located on Blackett Bridge, between the Bagel Factory and Clarks.

Why Our Future Health is important 

Today, millions of people spend many years of their life in poor health, suffering from common diseases such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Currently, 59% of people aged 65 or older in the UK live with two or more serious health conditions. By 2035 that figure is expected to rise to 70%. Too often, we detect and treat diseases only when patients start showing symptoms. However, diseases often start in the body long before symptoms are detectable.

Our Future Health’s goal is to revolutionise the way we fight disease, by collecting information from millions of volunteers across the UK. Researchers will apply to study this information to make new discoveries about human health and diseases.

How to take part 

Everyone over 18 living in the UK is eligible to join Our Future Health, including people with pre-existing health conditions.

Taking part involves:

  • Reading and signing their consent form.
  • Filling in your health and lifestyle questionnaire.
  • Booking an appointment at an Our Future Health clinic.

During your appointment, you’ll be asked to provide a small sample of your blood and you’ll have some physical measurements taken. Our Future Health will offer you the chance the learn more about your own health, including your cholesterol and blood pressure. In the future, you will be offered information about your risk of some diseases.

A voucher for your time and effort 

After completing your questionnaire and agreeing to donate a blood sample at your appointment, you will be offered a £10 voucher. You can spend this voucher in places like supermarkets, high street shops and online retailers. You can also choose to donate the voucher to the Our Future Health charity.

Together, we can help researchers find ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases earlier. Scan the QR code in the store window or click here to find out more information.

Read more on store opening hours and contact details here.