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Top 5 Sustainable Products & Services at Eldon Square

Making sustainable choices is a priority for many in today’s world with shopping being no exception. Sustainable choices are available widely throughout Eldon Square, whether that is through specific product ranges, packaging options or recycling schemes in place. We’ve rounded up 5 new sustainable products and services on offer in the centre, helping you to help us protect our planet, those in it and beyond.

1. Holland & Barrett – Faith in Nature

Sustainability is at the heart of Holland & Barrett with their product range Faith in Nature which is cruelty-free, vegan and comes with 100% natural fragrance. This means it’s gentle on your skin and smells fantastic!

2. Lush – Eco-friendly products & services

Lush products don’t just look and smell amazing, but the company also prides itself on being an eco-friendly business by minimising all packaging. All products are 100% vegetarian, handmade and cruelty-free such as knot wraps, shampoo bars and more. Did you know customers can return their old Lush ‘knot wraps’ to be recycled and they will receive 50% off a new knot wrap?

Lush also has a fantastic ‘Bring it Back scheme where customers can redeem 50p off their total purchase for every piece of empty packaging returned.

Shop the full range in-store.

3. Clarks – Shoe recycle scheme

You can now donate your old or unwanted shoes to Clark’s to support the Unicef Shoeshare project. Since the scheme started in 2008, they have rehomed over 2,050 tonnes of shoes to over 190 countries.

Drop your old shoes in at the checkout and let the recycling process begin.

4. Wagamama – Vegan Menu

Take small steps to reduce your meat and dairy intake with Wagamama’s vegan menu! From delicious spicy teriyaki vegan ‘Chicken’ Hirata steamed buns to Vegatsu, Tofu + Soya protein in crispy panko breadcrumbs & more.

Not forgetting the array of vegan soft drinks, including ginger mojito sparkling cold-pressed ginger, coriander seed syrup and fresh mint lime. Making small changes and eating less meat can hugely impact our environment; make the change today.

5. H&M – Garment recycling scheme

Are you a conscious shopper? H&M have you covered! Launched in 2013, H&M’s Garment Collection and Recycling scheme allows customers to donate any unwanted clothes and textiles, by any brand, whilst shopping in-store. All donated items are recycled with 100% going to landfills.

To encourage customers to use their Garment Collection programme, H&M offer Conscious Points.

  • Bring your own bag can gain 3 conscious points
  • Use their Garment Collecting programme, this scheme encourages the customer to donate unwanted clothing of any brand. Customers receive 20 conscious points and a £5 digital voucher

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